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Hi, I’m Stephanie

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As a coach and small business owner since 2004, I have ​seen firsthand how many small business owners struggle ​to manage everything on their own. Many feeling ​overwhelmed, stuck, and paralyzed by the uncertainty of ​what to do next, searching for a clear path forward ​towards business growth and success.

I am a Business Made Simple certified business coach with ​a passion for empowering small business owners like you ​to overcome obstacles and thrive in the competitive world ​of entrepreneurship. I am obsessed with helping small ​business owner cut through the chaos so they can thrive.

Don't let overwhelm and uncertainty hold you back any ​longer. Contact me today, and let's work together towards ​clarity, growth, and success. Together, we'll make your ​business dreams a reality.

Overcome the 6 Common Challenges

that Block Small-Business Growth

And it is costing you..

Not having economic objectives to drive your actions

A product offering that is not the ​most profitable

Marketing efforts that are not focused on the customer

A leadership approach that ​amounts to organized chaos

A sale approach that does not close sales

The uncertainty of cash on hand, fear of taxes, and more.

These 6 issues are the root causes of most small business disasters. You need a coach to teach you how to professionalize your operation and help your small business thrive.

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Working with a Coach is Easy

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Schedule an intake call

In a 30 minute call, you and I ​will talk about where want ​your business to go and what ​is holding you back

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Get a custom report

I will send you a

Free custom report

about how we will work ​together to grow your small ​business

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Experience transformation

You will decide next steps.

When we work together, you ​will experience immediate ​results and be on your way to a ​transformation. You will begin ​to move from chaos to ​efficiency and from confusion ​to clarity and confidence

It’s Hard Enough To Build a Business.

You Do Not Have To Do it Alone.

Launching and running a business is challenging. From strategizing to marketing, sales pitches to operations, ​and financial planning, getting everything right from the outset is rare. This reality often leads to struggles for ​many small business owners, causing some to close their doors.

In other areas of life, you've sought expertise—be it a golf coach, financial advisor, fitness trainer, or mechanic. So, ​why not engage an expert to ensure your business not only survives but thrives?

When you partner with me, we'll craft clear and actionable plans that will drive your business towards growth ​and profitability. No more feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by uncertainty – we'll create a roadmap that leads to ​a pred a roadmap that

Our focus will be on tangible results. Every action we take will be strategically linked to revenue growth. Don't let ​overwhelm and uncertainty hold you back any longer. Contact me today, and let's embark on a journey towards ​clarity, growth, and success. Together, we'll make your business dreams a reality.

Ready to create the business you've always envisioned? Schedule your consultation today.

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Three ways to work with Mindful Edge

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One on One

Private Coaching

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Double your Revenue ​Group Session

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Mind Your Business


When you need a coach to help ​you clarify your goals, make plans ​and guide you through the ​accountability of execution. We ​can partner weekly or monthly ​and you will have a solid plan and ​concrete actions between each ​session.

$300 per session

$3000 for 12 sessions

*sessions normally run 60 minutes in length

A small group of small business owners that meet weekly and focus on walking through the 10 steps to doubling your revenue. This is for the small business owner that is motivated to grow their revenue in a short amount of time. It is a simple process that success lies in your execution.


6 sessions

When you are looking for a community of like minded business owners that are learning together.

This monthly ongoing session is focused on the ‘Business Made Simple’ framework and will explore all 6 frameworks. Sessions are virtual and recorded for future viewing.


18 sessions



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"Mindful Edge helped our company clarify our systems. MAJO is ​more efficient and professional thanks to Mindful Edge. From ​creating company-wide forms to implementing effective marketing ​strategies, we have certainly returned our investment ten-fold in ​partnering with Mindful Edge. We will continue to utilize their ​services for many years to come!"

- Mason Weese, MAJO, LLC

"I recently worked with Mindful Edge for my brand development and was blown away by the results. From creating a strong brand identity to developing an organized project plan for me and the team, they exceeded all of my expectations. The team was professional, attentive, and truly dedicated to helping me succeed.

- Mike Kuhn, Evergreen Renovations

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